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At Riverwood Homes of Colorado we specialize in building custom homes any Colorado Springs resident would be proud to call their own. ​The adjective CUSTOM, by definition, means made or done to order for a particular customer. We take pride in being a true custom home builder. Each and every home we build is truly catered to each client's specifications. We listen to our customer’s wants, needs and visions, then strive to create a custom home that exceeds even their wildest expectations.

​From build and site selection, to decor and design, we are proud to offer The Front Range new custom construction services. Performed with timely project management and a focus on detail. We aim to create the most beautiful house that you will be proud to call a home.


Just a few of our specialized projects:


Expert craftsmanship, high quality materials and a creative approach is used to build custom homes that fit our customers’ needs and wants, build in value and are truly one of a kind.

We take pride in the diversity of styles, sizes and designs of homes that we have built… every single one has been unique and challenging. We turn dreams into reality over and over again!

Building a custom home with Riverwood means becoming a part of our team. We all work together to develop and create your dream. Whether customers come to us with set ideas and floor plans in mind to start with, or vague ideas, we take the time and effort to help design their dream home.

We aim to provide an excellent customer experience with attention to detail and quality! Contact us today.


​​A lot of future homeowners end up purchasing a house that is pre-owned. However, the freedom of customization provided by a new home construction project is something you won’t find in a home that is already built.

​​There’s no telling what part of a pre-owned home you may come to dislike. There is a very short window of time when viewing a home, so there’s a lot you can miss. When you have a home built you can literally end up with a home that caters to your every want.

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