Why Choose Riverwood Homes As Your Colorado Springs General Contractors?


Owned and managed by Tim Coy and Brad Bailey, Riverwood Homes is a custom home and remodeling company. Tim and Brad feel that building a close and trusting relationship with their clients is one thing that sets them apart from other builders. Their truthful, hard-working approach to finding solutions in every phase of the building process inspires confidence in both their clients and their subcontractors. Tim and Brad are committed to seeing that every home that Riverwood Homes builds or remodels is exactly what the home owner dreamed of.


Brad and Tim organize and manage every Riverwood Homes custom build or remodel. One or the other are on every jobsite every day to ensure that everything is done according to plans and with the best craftsmanship possible. Tim’s 40 plus years’ involvement in all phases of construction give him the knowledge to see that every home is completed with the highest standard of quality and attention to detail. Riverwood Homes takes great pride in building and remodeling homes with the highest attention to detail and quality.


​A Riverwood Homes build or remodel project is always done with the highest standards of quality and at the very best price possible. No matter how big the project is, Tim and Brad believe that their planning and close control of every project ensures that the homeowner gets a superior value. At Riverwood Homes we strive to meet the homeowner’s budget, constantly seeking creative ways to save money without compromising on quality. No matter how many meetings are necessary, Tim and Brad work with their clients to make decisions that ensure that budgets and design goals are met. Riverwood Homes’ customers are consistently happy with the final product and express their appreciation for the hard work spent ensuring their home was built to meet their expectations at the best possible price!